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Battlefield 2042 Announces Season 7: Turning Point
Electronic Arts and EA DICE Dropped a ton of new details this morning about the next season for Battlefield 2042, as Season 7: Turning Point arrives next week The focus of this season takes it out of the massive military structures and weird futuristic maps and dumps you into the middle of suburban combat, as[...]
Battlefield 2042 Announces New Dark Protocol Event
Electronic Arts revealed a brand new event happening in Battlefield 2042 as part of Season 6, as players can take on the Dark Protocol This new limited-time event comes with a new move for you to play called Killswitch, which will have you fighting 12v12 in what is essentially the game's Halloween event We have[...]
Battlefield 2042: Update 5.2 Revealed With Several Additions
Electronic Arts revealed new details of what's coming in the next update for Battlefield 2042, as Update 5.2 will be out next week The updates include a new rework of the Hourglass map, some changes to weapons, returning weapons, and more We got the foot notes below as the team revealed more in their latest[...]
Battlefield 2042 Reveals More About The Arkangel Directive Event
Electronic Arts and EA DICE revealed a new event taking place in Battlefield 2042, as we got a glimpse of The Arkangel Directive Event The event will essentially have you controlling a new military ops force that will infiltrate and take control of multiple points However, no mission is that cut and dry, as you'll[...]
Battlefield 2042 Announces New Seasonal Event & Update
There's a fresh update on the way to Battlefield 2042 soon as EA DICE and Electronic Arts revealed more of what's in store for Version 5.1 The team dropped a brand new blog this week in which they detail all of the changes and improvements coming to the game, such as the Vaulty Weapon Attachments[...]
Battlefield Franchise Receives New Dedicated Development Studio
Electronic Arts announced today that they now have a dedicated developer for the Battlefield franchise as Ridgeline Games will be taking over The studio is currently being led by Halo co-creator Marcus Lehto, and like a lot of other studios boast these days, has been composed of industry veterans from across the globe The only[...]
Electronic Arts' Next Battlefield Game Is Coming In 2021
It appears Electronic Arts are making their final moves with a couple of games and are preparing for the next Battlefield title If you haven't already caught onto what's been happening with their updates and servers lately, the company has started to execute their final plans for what's happening in Star Wars: Battlefront II as[...]
"Battlefield V" Gets Three Upcoming Free To Play Weekends
Credit: Electronic Arts Battlefield V has been available for nearly a year now, but there are still folks out there who haven't given it a try. If that's true for you, EA wants to court you Battlefield V is about to have three separate free trials for PC players throughout October Every weekend will focus on a[...]
"Battlefield V" Operation Underground Map Debuts on October 3
Battlefield V is getting a new map on Thursday, which will transport players to war-torn Germany EA is serving up a heaping helping of new content to explore The latest map, Operation Underground, will be going live on October 3. Credit: Electronic Arts Operation Underground draws inspiration from the series' classic Operation Métro map[...]
doctor who
Season 26 featured four epic adventures traversing a future Britain invaded by inter-dimensional knights, a strange Victorian house haunted by ghosts from Ace's past, an alien world populated by Cheetah People and a 1940s army camp under siege from monstrous vampires. With guest stars including Nicholas Courtney (Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart), Anthony Ainley (The Master), Jean Marsh, Nicholas[...]
Battlefield V
  EA and developer DICE are bringing back Battlefield's Rented Server Program, but with a few key changes The RSP was one feature many Battlefield V fans requested for the game after it launched without the option to host private matches, and it looks like the system is nearly ready to roll out. The RSP program is getting a[...]
Battlefield V — Official Firestorm Gameplay Trailer (Battle Royale)
EA and developer DICE have added a duo mode to Battlefield V's new battle royale mode Firestorm today The point of putting Duos in Firestorm and releasing it now is to get player feedback on the mode before making improvements, and likely bringing it back to Firestorm in the future. In a post on the Battlefield forums, DICE explains: Today[...]
Battlefield V Drops a New Trailer for the Firestorm Battle Royale Mode
credit// EA EA and DICE have dropped the first official gameplay trailer for Battlefield V's upcoming battle royale mode today Called "Firestorm" the battle royale mode looks pretty similar to the other multiplayer modes available in Battlefield V, but with that signature "free-for-all" twist, though the storm in Battlefield is made out of a ring of fire rather than[...]
The 32-Player Rush Mode has Returned to Battlefield V
credit// EA The 32-player Rush Mode has returned and is now live in EA and DICE's Battlefield V The Rush mode was first seen in Battlefield: Bad Company, and the version brought to Battlefield V returns the mode to the traditional 32-player format This version of Rush is playable on the Twisted Steel, Narvik, and Devastation maps[...]
Battlefield V's Combined Arms Mode Goes Live Tomorrow
Battlefield V players of all skill levels will be able to form squads in a new co-op experience when Combined Arms hits the game tomorrow The co-op mode is a major part of Chapter 2: Lightning Strikes update and will be a permanent mode in the game. Combined Arms lets players for teams with up to[...]
Battlefield V Chapter 2 "Lightning Strikes" Goes Live Tomorrow
The second chapter of Battlefield V's Tides of War begins tomorrow, January 15, 2019 with the Chapter 2: Lightning Strikes content update In case you're wondering about paying for the DLC, all Tides of War content comes to Battlefield V players free of charge. Chapter 2 brings new multiplayer modes, new vehicles, new weapons, a new Grand Operation,[...]
Battlefield V
The time it takes a player to kill an enemy and the time it takes for the player to die are big parts of any game, but especially high-paced first-person shooters like Battlefield V And since the game launched, Battlefield players have argued that the time-to-die rate is far too high compared to other games in the[...]
Battlefield V
EA is offering a deal for PC players that will allow them access to Battlefield V for seven days (or 10 hours). Personally, I think Battlefield V is the best game in the series this generation I was enamored by its focus on team play, as well as its vision moving the series forward However, that[...]
Battlefield V Review – The Stories Untold
Battlefield V is a game full to the brim with down and dirty combat Seeing 10s of soldiers storm one point amongst screams and artillery fire is as exhilarating as it is horrifying However, there is magic in those brief moments before a game starts or when the fight hasn't quite made its way to[...]
A new Trailer for DICE's Battlefield V  shows off all 8 of the new maps you can expect to play when the game launches. credit//Electronic Arts Battlefield V has a lot riding on it DICE, and especially EA, could use a win after last year's Star Wars: Battlefront II microtransaction disaster that saw industry-wide conversation[...]
Battlefield V
EA developer DICE used the Battlefield twitter account this morning to share details on the single player War Stories campaign mode for the upcoming Battlefield V Earlier this week we got a teaser trailer showing us many of the different War Stories locations, and yesterday gave us a new single player gameplay video that gave a more[...]
Battlefield V
EA and developer DICE released a new trailer this morning that takes a long look at Battlefield V's single player War Stories campaign Just like Battlefield 1, V's War Stories will use an anthology format where each story takes players to different fronts in the war to take part in completely different aspects of World War II's various[...]
Battlefield V
While several game companies are utilizing modern technology to ban or blur out toxic words in multiplayer chat, and for good reason, EA has decided to make a rather interesting call when it comes to Battlefield V For those of you unaware, Battlefield V is the sequel to 2015's Battlefield 1 (video game sequel numbering conventions are about[...]
Battlefield V
DICE has finally drawn the curtain back on Battlefield V's Battle Royale mode just a little, revealing the name Firestorm. Questions about Battlefield V's Battle Royale offering for the year have dogged the game since its announcement Last year and early this year, it was impossible to get away from the genre with many titles clamouring to[...]
Battlefield V
Battlefield 5 has received a new release date, with EA and Dice agreeing to push the game back a month in order to garner more feedback. Battlefield is a series that has run like clockwork for the past few years Every other year, DICE put out their military focused shooter, handing off to Star Wars: Battlefront the[...]
The Battlefield V Open Beta Will Open in September
Just ahead of Gamescom tomorrow, EA DICE announced that the Battlefield V Open Beta will begin on September 4th for early access players with full access to all players opening on September 6th The Open Beta will showcase the Rotterdam map on Conquest mode as well as the Arctic Fjord map on both Conquest and Grand Operations[...]
art of battlefield V
Dark Horse is teaming up with DICE, according to a press release announcing The Art of Battlefield V No, not that dice… We're talking about EA DICE, the team behind the popular video game franchise Once again, EA DICE is teaming up with Dark Horse to produce an art book, this time The Art of Battlefield[...]
Battlefield V
So far, EA and DICE have been pretty content to show off the multiplayer modes, gameplay, and setting of Battlefield V while telling us a bit about its live service updates, Battle Royale mode, lack of loot boxes, and extreme lack of a premium service At the Xbox conference, and for a bit after at EA[...]
Battlefield V
During EA's E3 press conference turned trailer barrage hour, the publisher gave Battlefield V a rather lengthy highlight trailer as well as some developer commentary about new modes coming to the game The biggest thing coming out of EA Play 2018 in terms of Battlefield V was the announcement of a Battle Royale mode coming to the[...]