Is Marvel's Black Panther Trailer Release A Bet On A Golden State Warriors Sweep?

Ryan Coogler in Golden State Warriors gear

Game 4 of the NBA Finals is tonight, and sadly my Cleveland Cavaliers have been beaten like a drum by the Golden State Warriors through the first three games of the series. the stars are pointing to the Warriors completing the sweep tonight and making history by becoming the only team to go through the Playoffs and win the title undefeated. But there is another event coming to your screens tonight during the game, as the first trailer for Marvel's Black Panther film will premiere at some point during the game.

What the above fails to mention is that Black Panther director Ryan Coogler is a huge Warriors fan, even placing Dubs references in his great film Creed (which I now will hate forever). It is a little strange that we had ZERO indication that a trailer for the film would be coming before tonight and a possible Warriors sweep, and if they do in fact complete that feat tonight, I am sure it would be one of the Oakland natives career highlights.

Ryan Coogler in Golden State Warriors gear

So my new theory is that this is all an elaborate ruse! Marvel Studios, knowing how much Coogler loves his Warriors, is paying off the refs! ABC, ESPN, and Marvel are all owned by Disney! All they had to do was lift a finger and say to Adam Silver, NBA Commissioner, "Hey, not only are we going to toss in a bunch of Spider-Man: Homecoming TV spots, but we have the Black Panther trailer just sitting here. It has been done for weeks. Ryan is a HUGE Dubs fan, and we love Ryan, so why don't we work something out. What's that? The Warriors haven't lost in the playoffs yet? They can sweep the Finals? Well then…make it happen, and the trailer is yours. Cleveland? HA! They finally won last year, we don't want them to get a big head now do we? I mean…its Cleveland! LeBron will be fine, he will understand."

Because of this obvious collusion I know hope the trailer is viewed a record low number of times and the movie fails completely. ***

Ryan Coogler in Golden State Warriors gear


***Disclaimer-I am actually excited for this film. But #DefendTheLand

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