Bloodborne Director Picks His Favorite 'Souls' Boss


Hidetaka Miyazaki is quickly becoming one of the most beloved auteurs in the medium. The Bloodborne director, who is responsible for all the 'Souls' games, has garnered a huge following over the last few years. It's not hard to see why either. He has almost singlehandedly created a new genre.

One of the key things he and his studio is famous for is their genuinely smart boss design. But which is Miyazaki's favorite? In an interview with PlayStation Magazine UK (via PSU) he went all the way back to Demon Souls saying:

I'm actually fond of a great many enemies and bosses from each title. But let me weed it down to one: the Old Monk. This boss utilised a unique (and rather experimental) multiplayer system. I remember facing a lot of opposition to realise the idea. I also designed the boss' head collar myself.

I've actually never seen this boss fight, so I went and found a video. Here is what I watched. Thanks for the embed MiloPro.


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