Blumhouse Taps Issa Lopez To Direct Horror Film Our Lady Of Tears

Blumhouse has hired director Issa Lopez to helm a feature titled Our Lady of Tears. The film is an adaptation of the Vox/Epic Magazine article The Haunting of Girlstown, which focused on a "mass hysteria epidemic with supernatural roots in an all-girls, Catholic boarding school. In 2007, Villa de las Niñas, located in the outskirts of Mexico City, recruited and isolated socially neglected girls coming from families living in extreme poverty and in remote areas of Mexico." Blumhouse head honcho Jason Blum will produce the film. The news was reported on by The Hollywood Reporter.

The official logo for Blumhouse Production. Our Lady of Tears
The official logo for Blumhouse Production.

"The moment I read the Epic article, I knew I wanted to tell this story. I myself attended a Catholic school in Mexico City. I grew up on a steady diet of supernatural visitations and miracles, and of the real-life horrors that young girls who grow up in poverty face every day in Mexico, and around the world. Having the chance to tell that story with Jason and his team at Blumhouse, producers of such socially incisive genre classics like Get Out, and of so many true horror gems, is a huge privilege. I couldn't be more excited about this movie," Lopez said about the project."

For those that have not seen Lopez's Tigers Are Not Afraid, you should seek it out. After watching, you will know what kind of hard-hitting realism and fantasy elements she can expertly weave together to create a memorable film experience with Our Lady of Tears. Blumhouse is striving to do better when it comes to getting female voices behind the camera after Jason Blum was rightly called out for his comments about female directors last year as well, one of the rare instances when someone said they would do better and they have. Hopefully, we don't have to wait long for this one.

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