Can You Tell Me How To Get To Sesame Street? Funko Releases New Collection This May

Sunny Day, sweepin' the clouds away. On my way to where the air is sweet. Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Sesame Street? Yep, now that you have that song stuck in your head, it's time to get excited for some collectibles to go along with it. Funko is pleased to announce a brand new series of Sesame Street POP! Vinyl figures releasing this May. The Sesame Street Pop! Series features some of the most beloved characters from the popular children's television program including, Super Grover, Cookie Monster, Oscar the Grouch, Bert, Ernie, and a 6" super sized Mr. Snuffleupagus.

Sesame Street has been a long time running show on PBS, and a gateway to learning for a lot of children. The iconic characters can be found pretty much everywhere, and now Funko will be part of the fun too. Looking over the list of characters being released, I can only assume that there will be a second series. After all, we're missing Big Bird, Elmo, and the Count! This series will release in May, but if you need more of a Sesame Street fix before then, feel free to indulge in the nostalgia below.

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