Charles Soule's Inhumans Characters Will Appear In The Marvel TV Show On ABC #C2Ccon2017


Charles Soule was talking to Coast-To-Coast Comic-Con yesterday, about his work for Marvel, on the Inhumans and IVX, concluding this week with a big fight, and as he steps off the Inhumans book, he discovered yesterday that characters he'd created for the comic book will be appearing in the upcoming Inhumans TV show for ABC.

We already saw Lash appear in Marvel's Agents Of SHIELD. But there are plenty of others to choose from. It might include the likes of Reader, Inferno, Flint, Iso or Irelle…. plenty to choose from.

And then plenty of love for his new Image Comics series Curse Words. Which gave us our second swear word of the event based on one line in a notebook of his, "what if a wizard were a dick". And promises a huge twist at the end of issue 5.

And with Level 44 wrapping up soon with issue 35…

And other exciting Marvel things on the way. "Big books with characters I'm excited to write." Make his Marvel?

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