Chatting With The Cast Of Marvel's Thor: Ragnarok On The Red Carpet

Tuesday night Marvel had the Red Carpet premiere of Thor: Ragnarok and they have released the video interviews they did. This particular red carpet seemed to be taking place under a roof, but it still had the excitement you normally with a Marvel debut.

Thor: Ragnarok


We start off with director Taika Waititi talking about dance moves and talking about what he learned from doing smaller budget films that he was able to bring to the set of Thor. There also seemed to be a lot of improvisation in this film, something that Marvel is not known for doing. They are joined by Mark Ruffalo and do a double-selfie. They then talk about technically being unemployed now that the film is done. Then Chris Hemsworth arrives, explaining how he lost his ticket… and surprisingly he's the shortest of the three, until he steps up with the rest of them. Taika then runs off, leaving Mark and Chris to explain that they spent most of the movie wrangling in the director. If the set was anything like this interview, I have no idea how they got the film done.

Next up is Tom Hiddelston who interrupts an odd game of "God, Smash or Antlers". They start talking about what mischief Hiddleston could get into and he comments that there will be a lot of mischief going on, especially sicne Taiki Waititi is there. There is also more talk of the improv on set.

Jeff Goldblum is the next one up and we learn that the Grandmaster will be playing piano in the movie. Goldblum is an accomplished jazz pianist, so its very cool they worked that into the character.

Then we get Rachel House who plays Topaz. House has worked with Waititi many times before as well as coming off of the film Moana.

And we get the Tessa Thompson talking about what she connected to the most with Valkyrie. She also talked about her, Scarlett Johansson and Zoe Saldana approaching Kevin Feige about an all-female lead superhero film.

And finally we have Karl Urban talking about how Waititi stopped filming to come over and shave Urban's head for the role of Skurge and hinted that he may have possibly kept the axe from the movie… allegedly.

Thor: Ragnarok opens in theaters on November 3rd.

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