Cloverfield 3 Has Been Pulled with No New Release Date

We are supposed to have a new Cloverfield movie coming out in a little under a month. Did you know that? Because it looks like no one else has said anything about it, either. There are people losing their minds that we haven't seen anything from Solo: A Star Wars Story and that doesn't come out until May. This movie comes out in four weeks and we haven't even seen a poster yet, let alone a trailer. There is low key marketing, and then there is forgetting that this movie is even coming out.


Back in May, we reported on the fact that the science-fiction movie God Particle was being retooled as the third in the very strange Cloverfield cinematic universe — a series that, at the time, had two movies that were vastly different. At the time the movie had an October 2017 release date, but back in July it was moved to February of 2018. Then everyone sort of forgot about it. 2018 is already shaping up to be a huge year as far as movies go, and when you don't even have a poster to get hyped with, you forget about certain movies.

Now it's looking like the movie may have been pulled entirely. A tweet over on the Discussing Film Twitter account is reporting that the movie has been pulled entirely with no release date on the horizon.

This isn't that surprising considering that we haven't heard anything about this movie. In a year with so many releases, playing this "we're not going to talk about this movie" card probably isn't the way to go. In February alone the movie would have to compete with Black Panther, the first follow-up to Ex-Machina with Annihilation, and many more.

Bleeding Cool is reaching out to some sources to see if they can offer any clarification on this.

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