Deadpool 2 Review: Come for Deadpool, Stay for Cable and Domino [Spoiler Free]

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Deadpool 2 is better than the first film in some ways. As a matter of fact, it is better than the first film, period.

The first one was applaudable for taking the superhero genre in a direction it had not really been in before then. Yeah, we had Sin City and 300 and other R-rated comic book films, but not a modern superhero one (I don't count Watchmen). Deadpool didn't HAVE to be rated R. But it was all the better for it, and as true to the character as it gets. That first film had a great first two-thirds, but the humor wore thin by the end and it fell apart in the last act. It was a solid time in the theater, however, and this film instantly became one of the most anticipated of the year for comic fans.

Deadpool 2 Review: Come for Deadpool, Stay for Cable and Domino [Spoiler Free]

Deadpool 2 is better because it gives us such a winning ensemble. The first one (and rightfully so) was the Ryan Reynolds show, with others getting their moment to shine here and there. The sequel features more of the same, but about halfway through it becomes this wickedly entertaining ensemble film featuring the formation of the X-Force (and boy is that scene hilarious). The start of the film featuring Wade happily with Vanessa feels forced and kind of boring. Some choppy setup moves the pieces in place also just kinda of meanders along until X-Force comes in. That is where the movie kicks into another gear.

Reynolds kills it again, to the surprise of nobody. You do not need to be told that he is wildly entertaining as the Merc with a Mouth — everyone knows that. When he is at his best is when Josh Brolin and Zazie Beetz are on screen with him. Cable and Domino steal the film from Deadpool, flat out. Brolin is certainly having a good month, isn't he? After turning in a stellar performance as Thanos (who gets a shout-out here), his Cable is gruff, menacing, and gets some of the best one-liners in the film. When he and Wade are trading insults or teaming up, the film soars.

Deadpool 2

Same can be said for Beetz. We need a Domino film, stat. The way they portray her power of luckiness is so genius. She is perfectly cast in the role, and all of the best action scenes in the film belong to her. One near the end of the film in particular will get a big reaction when you are in the theater this weekend. Hopefully future X-Force/Solo films feature her so much more.

Tons of surprises and cameos all wrapped up in an uber-violent and vulgar package, Deadpool 2 surpasses the original depending on how much you loved that first film. If you loved the first one, you will like the second. If you didn't, then this one may change your mind. If the ending is any indication, the best is yet to come.

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