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Alex Ross Does Rob Liefeld - And What He Said About Him Befre....
This is the cover to the upcoming Marvel series by Alex Ross, depicting the Rob Liefeld era of X-Force, including Cable, Domino, Deadpool, Shatterstar and more Rob Liefeld was very happy to share it on Facebook. Some people have seen it as somewhat mocking, however, including the Liefeld-style teeth grimace, the same on every face, the[...]
Old Man Logan, Dead Man Logan, or Nude Man Logan?[X-ual Healing 2-13-19]
X, a character-focused book with a sense of humor doing its own thing and just telling stories without any of the hype or lofty crossover aspirations, but starring mainstream characters and with a firm place in continuity (spinning out of the Wedding Issue of X-Men Gold). You'll probably call us a hypocrite when you see our[...]
Killing Cable Again in Next Week's Shatterstar #5
Now, in next week's Shatterstar #5, the conclusion to the series, Cable is killed again along with the rest of the original X-Force by… Shatterstar?! All is not as it seems, however, as this is just an alternate reality presented to Shatterstar by the Grandmaster, all part of his plan to…what is his plan again? Well,[...]
Ten Hopeful X-Men Predictions for 2019 [X-ual Healing 1-2-19]
Cliffhanger! Shatterstar #4 (W) Tim Seeley (A) Carlos Villa, Gerardo Sandoval (CA) Yasmine Putri With the mundane lives of his tenants hanging in the balance, Shatterstar is pushed to the brink by the life he thought he left behind…. Rated T+ In Shops: Jan 02, 2019 SRP: $3.99 After saving Pugsmasher from the Death Sponsors, Shatterstar arrives at the arena just in[...]
X-Men, or X-Millennials? Plus: The Triumphant Return of Chris Claremont [X-ual Healing 12-5-18]
Well done! Shatterstar #3 (W) Tim Seeley (A) Carlos Villa, Gerardo Sandoval (CA) Yasmine Putri Shatterstar's past as an extradimensional gladiator comes back to haunt him in the present…and his future's no guarantee! Sharpen your double bladed sabers, True Believers, and get ready to fight! Rated T+ In Shops: Dec 05, 2018 SRP: $3.99 Shatterstar has traveled to the planet of Horus[...]
Shatterstar is Here for "The Meat" in Next Week's Shatterstar #3
Shatterstar's life has really been turned upside down lately He was living peacefully as the landlord of an apartment building for interdimensional rejects when, out of nowhere, all of his tenants were kidnapped by a team of mercenaries led by his old mentor/lover, Gringrave. Now, he's had to travel to the planet Horus IV to try[...]
Things Are Still Not Going Well With Rictor in Next Week's Shatterstar #2
We previously learned in the pages of Shatterstar that our hero's relationship with Rictor ended, not because they fought to much, but because they fought too little So it seems a little strange that Shatterstar, if he's craving action so much, would quit his job as an interdimensional ninja to work as a landlord for[...]
Stealth Crossover? Domino and Mr. and Mrs. X Both Visit the Mojoverse in January
X #7 KELLY THOMPSON (W) • Oscar Bazaldua (A) Cover by TERRY & RACHEL DODSON • Stuck in the Mojoverse! • Rogue and Gambit are forced to relive moments of their past…but this time for the cameras! 32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99 And in Domino #10, Domino also heads to the Mojoverse, and it looks like she's teaming up with Longshot as[...]
See Shatterstar Adorably Snuggle a Puppy in This Preview of Shatterstar #1
Shatterstar is getting his own solo series, launching this week, which means the Liefeldian character can finally get back to doing what he does best… cuddling with adorable puppies?! Well, okay, maybe there's a little bit more to it than that In the new series by Tim Seeley, Carlos Villa, and Gerardo Sandoval, Shatterstar has[...]
Bad News for Shatterstar and Rictor's Relationship?
With the launch of Shatterstar's upcoming solo series next week, things aren't looking good for fans of the relationship between the titular Shatterstar and former X-Force and X-Factor teammate Rictor When we last saw these two together in New Mutants: Dead Souls, all seemed well. Or at least as well as things can be for a[...]
Is This Unused Cover Sketch for Shatterstar #4 the First Public Work of Reclusive Artist TBA?
Celebrating the international holiday of X-Men Monday, ukulele-wearing, fedora-playing Marvel X-editor Jordan White revealed this unused cover sketch to the upcoming Shatterstar #4: WHOA–almost forgot about #XMenMonday! Let's get some quickies out there before jumping back into a mountain of work Here's an unused cover sketch for Shatterstar #4! — Jordan D[...]
Tim Seeley and Carlos Villa Launch a Shatterstar Mini-Series at Marvel
Beloved Liefeldian mutant Shatterstar is getting his own mini-series in October, courtesy of the creative team of Tim Seeley and Carlos Villa Marvel revealed the news on their website Friday, slotting the book for an October release Created in 1991 by Rob Liefeld and could-have-been-a-janitor Fabian Nicieza, Shatterstar's god damn name should not have a[...]