There Will Be 2 Different Cuts Of The First 2 Marvel's Inhumans Episodes

Marvel's Inhumans is wildly unique for the studio in that it's a television series that is going to debut in IMAX theaters prior to it's television debut. The first two episodes are being film with IMAX cameras so they will properly use the larger screens. Which made things interesting for the director, Roel Reine, who had to shoot it for both film and television coverage… and now we're learning that there will be two different cuts of the episodes. What you see in the IMAX theaters on September 1st will be different than what will air on ABC on September 29th.


This comes up in an interview between Reine and Steve Weintraub for Collider, when he asked:

"We were talking earlier about the blurring lines between TV and film, and both of you have worked extensively with both TV and film. Do you approach those projects differently? And when you place something like this, does it matter to you if it TV or film?"

Reine replied:

"I really… I think the way we are preparing, the way we are shooting, the way we are using the cameras, we really do a film version, we really do a film style of shooting. Plus, I am getting an additional TV coverage. But I really think all the choices, and prep, and locations we chose, and the lenses we were using, and the steady cams, and all the technical stuff, we are shooting a movie, big movie, plus, we are doing TV coverage for the scene, so we can have the drama and the close-ups. But in the cuts, that we are going to do we are going to do two different edits. We are going to do an IMAX edit of the two first episodes, and we are going to make a TV version. And a lot of times when we are doing shots, I know, okay, these are the takes that we are going to use for IMAX, and these are the shots we are going to use for TV, because if you are going to do a big close-up like this in IMAX, it is kind of [grumbles], you better have something important to say. And then I would definitely going to put it in the IMAX version, but in TV we are expecting this a lot, because you want to go in this character, you want to feel this character, that is why TV is cool – you spend 12 hours with the character instead of 2 hours in a feature. So, you also need that coverage. So, that is the only difference for me."

The important part there being that they are doing an IMAX edit of the first two episodes and a TV Version. It's more than just lopping off the edges of the film. According to Reine:

"Yes, we'll use different takes. Because in the IMAX version we're gonna have hopefully the same performance. Because the actors are really good and solid. Yes, we are gonna use a little wider take for the IMAX version and we're gonna use a little tighter takes for the TV version. Yes, we're definitely gonna do that. And also going into a scene, coming out of a scene, also in TV you have acts right. You end an act with a specific shot. Those shots will not be used in IMAX because the story has to continue. So I will use different transitions in the IMAX cut."

If you're on the fence about whether to see Marvel's Inhumans in the theater or wait until it hits TV… this might be the incentive to buy that ticket.

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