Disney Announces Delays for "Mulan", "The New Mutants", and "Antlers"

And another domino tumbles down. We all knew that this was coming but what is interesting is the one movie that isn't on the list. According to The Hollywood Reporter Disney has decided to delay the release of three movies; Mulan, The New Mutants and Antlers. This comes after Disneyland itself has announced closure for the rest of the month and a bunch of other studios have also announced that they are delaying movies. The delays come as more and more cities and states are banning gatherings of more than a couple hundred people. Ever since the coronavirus started to get worse people have been wondering if Disney was going to delay any of their movies so while this is a surprise it also really isn't.

"Mulan", "The New Mutants", and "Antlers" Are All Delayed

Disney hasn't announced any new release dates for the three movies but at this point, we're starting to feel bad for The New Mutants. How many times can a movie get delayed before it becomes a joke? Mulan's delay makes total sense since a movie with a $200 million budget needs the international box office to survive. The New Mutants, well, this might be the final straw and Disney just say "screw it" and puts it straight to streaming despite the great buzz from the new promotional material. Antlers' fate is a bit more in the air; it's a Guillermo Del Toro-produced movie for Searchlight which was due to hit theaters on April 17th.

What is interesting is that Black Widow, due out in May, has not been touched yet. Perhaps Disney is waiting to see if things will have calmed down by the blockbuster season is set to start. If it does Black Widow could be one of the first big tentpoles out the gate. For now, Disney hasn't moved the first new phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe but who knows what tomorrow will bring.


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