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Henry Zaga and Blu Hunt Share Weird Experiences on The New Mutants Set
The New Mutants is one of those movies that was shot at one location, and that one location is the Medfield State Hospital If you were watching The New Mutants this weekend and thought that the scenery looked familiar, Shutter Island was also shot on location at this Massachusetts historic location While this movie isn't a[...]
The New Mutants: Blu Hunt On LGBTQ+ Representation
When it comes to the leading lady of The New Mutants we get something we unfortunately don't get to see very often Dani Moonstar aka Mirage is a queer Native American played by relative newcomer Blu Hunt Bleeding Cool got the chance to speak to hunt about what it means to bring a queer woman of[...]
The New Mutants: New Character Featurette, Clip, and Poster
It's been a long and rough road for The New Mutants to get to the big screen At first, it looked like it was going to be the quick and dirty X-Men movie that was shot in very quickly and didn't have a very long turnaround Instead, the movie ended up getting delayed over and[...]
The New Mutants: Blu Hunt Talks About the "Invisible Support" of Fans
It's always hard for everyone involved with a project to see it repeatedly delayed, but for The New Mutants and Blu Hunt, it was another level of, well, irritating The "will it/won't it" nature of the business and the fact that this troubled production is so public it's very hard to avoid[...]
The New Mutants: Henry Zaga Talks Roberto and Being an X-Men Fan
The New Mutants finally made it to the big screen this weekend after three long years and many delays for a bunch of different reasons The movie is looking to bring in around $8 million its opening weekend, which at any other time would have been terrible, but we're in a pandemic, so it's all[...]
The New Mutants: Josh Boone Talks Adapting the Demon Bear Story
As audiences make the personal decision about whether or not they are going to go see The New Mutants this weekend it's going to be interesting to see how audience versus critical reactions is going to be This is an adaptation of the classic Demon Bear storyline and during the virtual press conference director Josh Boone talked about[...]
The New Mutants: Tickets Go On Sale, 2 Posters, Special Look, & A Clip
I was able to see The New Mutants in a theater with only friends that I trusted to be as safe as possible thanks to selectively buying seats to take the entire theater This can be done for not a lot of money and is something I would recommend looking into if absolutely must go[...]
The New Mutants: New Character Featurette, Clip, and Poster
The New Mutants has had a bit of a rough roading making it to the big screen The movie was shot three years ago and then sat in the vault unfinished at Fox and Disney for a long time Bleeding Cool got the chance to speak to director Josh Boone about how they didn't even[...]
The New Mutants: New Character Featurette, Clip, and Poster
The New Mutants has had a rough ride getting to the big screen Three years ago this month, they started shooting, and now the movie is finally getting released The film is in theaters after being kicked while they were down earlier this year by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic The early reports are saying that[...]
The New Mutants: Meet Rahne, Dani, and Roberto Featurettes
Looks it's really happening folks! The New Mutants has had a rough ride to the big screen and it seems kind of surreal that the movie is finally coming out Disney and 20th Century Studios have started the final marketing push for the movie as we move into the final week and that means a lot[...]
Another New TV Spot for The New Mutants Teases More Footage
The New Mutants is finally coming out and in terms of being the first major release out the gate since COVID-19 shut down the entire industry, it's certainly a choice The in's and out's of getting this movie to the big screen have been a journey to watch and now it looks like it might[...]
5 Troubled Movies That Got Kicked While They Were Down By COVID-19
These movies getting hurt by COVID-19 just seemed like a troubled production getting kicked while they were down, so let's take a look at five of the productions where the COVID-19 pandemic delaying them hurts just a little more than others. The New Mutants This writer has talked about this movie at length and how she wants The[...]
The New Mutants: Watch a New Trailer and the Opening Scene
The New Mutants debuted a new spot today, as the debate rages on over if the film will be moved yet again As of right now, the film is still slated to be released on August 28th in theaters, even with the vast majority still shuttered and showing no signs of opening anytime soon Nevertheless,[...]
The new poster for The New Mutants. Credit: 20th Century Studios.
When the first trailer for The New Mutants dropped approximately a decade ago [or in October 2017] it looked like something completely different from anything we had seen in the X-Men movies so far It was one of the reasons people were looking forward to the movie; the X-Men series had been jogging in place since 1999,[...]
Maisie Williams, Anya Taylor-Joy, Charlie Heaton, Henry Zaga, and Blu Hunt in The New Mutants (2020). Image Credit: 20th Century Studios
When it comes to movies that have had a rough time making it to the big screen The New Mutants might be one of the more high profile examples A movie that had its first release date in April 2018 it, unfortunately, got caught up in the Disney-Fox acquisition and sat unfinished for almost two full[...]