Dominic Monaghan Talks Lord Of The Rings, Lost, Venomous Snakes, And Hobbit Fetishes

Dominic Monaghan has had a pretty interesting career so far. He, of course, played Meriadoc Brandybuck in the Lord of the Rings movies, Charlie Pace on Lost, and Bolt in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, among many other roles. He recently went to visit with Chris Hardwick, where they got into some interesting conversations.

The first of which involves just how popular Lost would've been had it aired now, with social media being as big as it is. Monaghan said that they were rather insulated from the fan reaction with filming over in Hawaii — but the cast would get called out for a lot of things their characters did, and he would always tell them to blame the writers.

He was asked about his venomous pet collection, and after listening to this story, I'm fairly certain i wouldn't want to go to his house. Also, being a friend doesn't seem to be a good thing, either, as he will blatantly lie to you about what things are dangerous and he doesn't have a true grasp on the word 'necrotic'.

Another woman asked him about fans and if he had ever been approached by someone with a Hobbit fetish. Personally, I would've countered with "Are you asking because you have one?" — but Monaghan told the story about a woman who wanted to make her way through the Fellowship of the Ring… and I don't mean the book.

And finally, Hardwick asked him about a photo that appeared online featuring a mini-LotR reunion that included Viggo Mortensen.

Dominic Monaghan

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