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Lost Star Michael Emerson Reflects on Legacy as Ben Linus on Series
With a steady stream of guest spots on TV and more bit roles on film, it wouldn't be until he landed on the ensemble cast of Lost where he hit his big break as Ben Linus, leader of the mysterious Others, occupants of the Island the plane crash survivors found themselves on I spoke to[...]
HBO Max – WarnerMedia’s New Streaming Service (Official Promo) | WarnerMedia
HBO Max is tapping Oscar Sharp, Damon Lindelof (Lost, Watchmen), and Matt Reeves (The Batman, Planet of the Apes films) to develop a magical-realist medical drama called The Human Conditions The series follows a young British doctor who must learn to treat impossible, fantastical illnesses by healing the emotional issues that underlie them — and[...]
'From': Epix New Horror Series Announces 'Lost' Star In Lead Role
Harold Perrineau will be joining forces with Jack Bender, who directed and produced Lost, in a reuniting of creative forces with EPIX, based on the creation by John Griffin Perrineau's past roles are memorable for a variety of people, from his role as Mercutio in Romeo + Juliet or his time on the series Oz as August Hill[...]
Lost, Babylon 5 Star Mira Furlan Passes Away, Age 65
Abrams, and Damon Lindelof's Lost The news of Furlan's passing was first made public through the actress's Twitter account on Thursday, with Straczynski posting a tribute to Furlan later in the evening The actress is survived by her husband Goran Gajić and their son, Marko Lav Gajić. Lost, Babylon 5 Star Mira Furlan Passes Away, Age[...]
Angela takes that next step on Watchmen, courtesy of HBO.
I mean, when you were an original member of the Minutemen? It's tough to be impressed:   View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Damon (@damonlindelof) Now you might be thinking, "Yeah, but that was a while ago." Well then, you clearly don't remember those "Lost years' Sanders spent with Jack, Sawyer, and the others:   View this post[...]
Top 5 TV Shows That Should Get a Licensed Comic Book
Lost Lost's ending was a new beginning for some of its characters, leaving part of the cast tasked with taking care of the island It's unlikely that this series will come back to TV as we knew it, but a licensed comic continuation would be the perfect format for a show that already has ties to[...]
A look at series finales for Breaking Bad, Dexter, and more (Images: AMC/ViacomCBS).
Much to the chagrin of friends I've debated in the past (and with the understanding that this was in no way, shape, or form run by the rest of the BCTV team), I get to use my lofty title as "Television Editor" to throw out some lofty proclamations on the series-enders for Six Feet Under,[...]
the institute
Kelley (Big Little Lies) and Jack Bender (Lost) are attached to Spyglass Media Group's upcoming limited series adaptation of King's latest novel The Institute Kelley will write the series adaptation, with Bender directing. "I'm delighted to be working with Jack and David, the creative team behind Mr Mercedes We think alike, and I believe The Institute[...]