Dragon Ball Super: Supehero Film Confirmed for 2022

The Dragon Ball Super anime franchise has been dormant since the last film Dragon Ball Super: Broly, and now there's official word that we're getting a return with Dragon Ball Super: Superhero.

Initially teased at this year's San Diego Comic-Con@Home, the film was announced with a short video that displayed Goku's look for the film, the proposed release date of 2022, and the official subtitle, 'Superhero.' With a refined CG-based Goku in motion shown and a better focus on his quirks, voice actress Masako Nozawa expressed her excitement about the film and the ability to enhance vocal improvisations.

Dragon Ball executive producer Akio Iyoku shared during the panel, "We wanted to show what Goku will look like, his movement, and feeling. It's not actually a scene in the movie, but we hope you look forward to it" Toei Animation's Norihiro Hayashida explains, "We're trying new things, so we'd like you to watch many times to see what sort of ingenuity we're making it with."

Dragon Ball Super: Supehero Film Announced
Toei Animation – San Diego Comic-Con@Home

The panel delved deeper into a mall scale world-building changes for the Dragon Ball world, with noticeable wardrobe switch-ups for Piccolo. We also see Krillin in his updated police uniform and art previewing the youngest fashion-forward addition to Dragon Ball Super, Pan. Based on the information so far, fan theories have sparked online with people wondering (or hoping) if the highlighted concepts regarding Piccolo and Pan could suggest a Gohan-centric story.

While teased back in the Dragon Ball Z days, Goku has always returned and remained center stage as the face of Dragon Ball, so it would be a way to throw off viewers with the chance to follow Gohan's heroism. Considering we've seen Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT, and Dragon Ball Super from Goku's eyes, it's at least worth a shot, right?

What would you like to see in Dragon Ball Super: Superhero?


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