Final Destination And Other Horror Movie Superstitions We Believe

Final Destination 2 ruined almost anyone who has seen it from driving on the freeway forever. As I drove all over the eastern US this year, anytime I was too close to a truck carrying any kind of anything, I hit the brakes and kept my distance. That is because I do not want a giant tree or anything else taking me out as I sing along to the latest Taylor banger. Watch below for those who have not seen the scene in question and ruin driving for yourself forever.

Final Destination Is One Of Many

Why does anyone drive anywhere? This freaked me out so much that I didn't drive anywhere for a week after seeing this in the theater. To this day, I am more of a defensive driver and get very bad car anxiety because of that scene. Thanks, Final Destination. That is far from the only superstition born out of a film, though. Here are a few others.

We know that Candyman is not real. We know this. Yet, I would never dare say his name five times on a reflective surface. I don't feel like being torn to pieces by someone with a hook for a hand. Nope, no, thank you.

Jaws did for water what Final Destination did for driving. I still know people who will not go anywhere near water or a boat because of this scene. Funny story, I had never seen the ocean before this past summer. I hail from Cleveland, right near Lake Erie, and for an embarrassing amount of time, I thought a shark would eat me if I went on the Lake. I also thought sharks could come on the beach. I probably shouldn't have watched this when I was four.

Man, a lot of these are from horror films. Does anyone else make sure that their shower at home is a glass door instead of a curtain to make sure I can see a murderer coming? No? Liars.

Final Destination And Other Horror Movie Superstitions We Believe
Why Do I Keep Watching These?

Living dolls is maybe the worst one for me. As an action figure collector, because of my fear of things coming to life and murdering me, I constantly walk into my toy collecting room, and the hair will stand up on the back of my neck. Why is that one in a different spot? How did that fall? I am sure it is my family messing with me, as they know up until about a year ago; I still ran upstairs at night when turning the lights off because I thought Chucky was going to get me. And yes, I included M3gan here cause just the trailer creeped me out so much I had to close my eyes. That is going to be the most terrifying film of 2023.

Final Destination And Other Horror Movie Superstitions We Believe
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What are some of your film superstitions/beliefs? Any you think we missed? Did Final Destination also ruin car rides for you?

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