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NXT Halloween Havoc Recap- New Champs, A Return, And A Killer Doll
 Enough out of me, let's get to the scary (hopefully scary good) action of this year's NXT Halloween Havoc. The 2021 NXT Halloween Havoc card, courtesy of WWE. can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Chucky sets the stage for NXT Halloween Havoc: WWE NXT, Oct[...]
Heading into this week's episode of SYFY, USA Network & "Child's Play" franchise creator Don Mancini's series Chucky, it appears that our adorably demonic doll has swayed Jake (Zackary Arthur) over to his "kill or be killed" philosophy But as much as we would like to credit Chucky with an effectively bloody recruitment drive, it[...]
Chucky is airing on USA/SYFY right now, and through two episodes, it is proving to have been a smart decision by series father Don Mancini to move the killer doll to the small screen But what about another film? He is not ruling anything out at this point, and as he told, that includes[...]
Welcome back as we offer you a preview in the next chapter of SYFY, USA Network, and "Child's Play" franchise creator Don Mancini's Chucky Now that the demonic doll has started making upgrades to Jake's (Zackary Arthur) life (ones that work to his advantage, of course), the following preview for "Give Me Something Good to[...]
Chucky Returns: NXT To Feature More WCW Nostalgia At Halloween Havoc
 There are two instances that are still most talked about, the first being RoboCop's involvement at WCW Capital Combat in 1990, where the very fictional cyborg police officer from the future (you done yet?) appeared in the main event to rescue Sting from an attack by The Four Horsemen. The other instance was the October 12, 1998 episode of WCW Monday[...]
Our line-up of news & opinion topics for today include Netflix & Dave Chappelle special The Closer, Netflix's Squid Game, Amazon's The Wheel of Time, NBC's Saturday Night Live, BBC's Doctor Who, SYFY & USA Network's Chucky, Vice TV's Dark Side of the Ring, ABC's Big Sky & a ton more! Images: Netflix & Dave Chappelle[...]
Both networks were kind enough to post the Chucky series opener "Death by Misadventure," but the version below from SYFY is a special extended edition of the full episode. Image: SYFY/USA Network So make sure all of the doors, sit back, pull up your blanket, keep your feet tucked up under you on the couch & enjoy[...]
Chucky & Michael Myers Meet In Ad For Dool's New Series & His New Film
Chucky debuted on USA Networks & SYFY last night and during the show, a commercial aired that has horror fans buzzing today The killer doll is seen carving a pumpkin as the camera pulls back to reveal he was carving the face of Michael Myers into it when in walks Myers himself who stabs it[...]
Our line-up of news & opinion topics for today include AMC's Tales of the Walking Dead, Adult Swim Festival 2021, Dean Cain & Superman, SYFY & USA Network's Chucky, WWE NXT 2.0, Netflix & Kevin Smith's Masters of the Universe: Revelation, NBC's Saturday Night Live, FOX's The Masked Singer & tons more! And then we[...]
Sure, we've seen a lot of creepy puppets, doll, or toy films over the last several years, but the character Chucky remains an unrivaled display of wicked energy behind a child-friendly guise. Image: NBCU The franchise has been through a lot of transition throughout its eight films (one of which was a recent reboot) and now a[...]
With only hours to go until SYFY, USA Network & "Child's Play" franchise creator Don Mancini's spinoff series Chucky makes its bloody debut, there's still enough time to squeeze in another preview of what the demonic doll has in store In the clip below, Jake (Zackary Arthur) is getting ready to gut his recent purchase before[...]
BCTV Daily Dispatch 12 Oct 21: Chappelle, Rick and Morty, FTWD & More!
Our line-up of news & opinion topics for today include Netflix & Dave Chappelle, FXX's It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Adult Swim's Rick and Morty, AMC's Fear the Walking Dead, SYFY & USA Network's Chucky, The CW's Supergirl, and WWE's Charlotte Flair & Becky Lynch And then we wrap things up with our reviews of[...]
With SYFY, USA Network & "Child's Play" franchise creator Don Mancini's spinoff series Chucky making its bloody debut tomorrow, viewers are getting another look at what they can expect when the demonic doll takes over their screens In the clips below, we see the beginnings of a brutal friendship when Jake Wheeler (Zackary Arthur) makes a special[...]
With only a week to go until SYFY, USA Network & "Child's Play" franchise creator Don Mancini's spinoff series Chucky is unleashed across television screens, the cable networks have put together a very cool way to get fans in the mood for its premiere. Working with Tongal's global community of creators, SYFY & USA Network put the word[...]
So much so that that they decided to celebrate by releasing a second official trailer for Chucky And once again, this "classic coming-of-rage" story isn't holding back on the horror. Image: SYFY Now here's another impressive look at SYFY & USA Network & "Child's Play" spinoff series Chucky, set to hit screens starting on October 12th: can't[...]