'The Flash' Delayed Until 2020? Seems Likely

Flash_logoIn news that surprises precisely no one it appears that DC outing of The Flash starring Ezra Miller has been delayed. In an interview with BadTaste.it posted on youtube (original reported on by Cosmic Book News) actor Billy Crudup, who will play Henry Allen in the film and is in the upcoming Alien: Covenant, had some bad news when asked when they were going to start filming the DC movie.

"No, I don't," Crudup said. "It's unclear at the moment."

That's an understatement since The Flash has lost three directors and is supposed to come out next year. Crudup thinks that Miller's busy schedule could have something to do with it but a lack of director seems like a much more likely explanation for the stalled production.

"Ezra's schedule. Ezra is a busy man. He's very popular. And excellent," Crudup said.

As for the delay, while nothing has been set in stone yet, the movies IMDB page has moved from a 2018 release date to 2020. That is a pretty major delay, if it ends up being true, but a lack of director and the same basic reason ("creative differences") for three different directors leaving means there are some fundamental problems with this production. DC Comics and Warner Bros can't afford to have anymore missteps in their cinematic universe and if delaying a movie two years to get it right is what they have to do then they should do it.

Nothing good comes from a rushed production.

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