Former WWE Head Writer Vince Russo Trashes Pro Wrestling Journalism

vincerussoIn another example of how the professional wresting industry is exactly like comics, former WWE writer Vince Russo has told off the wrestling press in a recent interview with Wrestlezone. Russo, who was a big force behind WWE's late nineties "Attitude Era," but is today often used as the butt of a joke by "internet smarks" – people who follow the behind-the-scenes happenings of pro wrestling as much as the product – because of his shock and awe writing style, cockiness despite failure to recapture the lightning-in-a-bottle success he had in WWE, and obsession with booking matches where objects are suspended at the top of a pole. Russo, however, has another theory on why "dirt sheet writers" (wrestling journalists), who are the epitome of internet smarks, have a problem with him:

Nothing new is going on that hasn't been going on for the last 17 years. When certain dirt sheet writer's need something to boast their depleting readership, they generate a sensational headline using the name of Vince Russo and his now 25 year legendary status in the wrestling business. The minute I call them on their BS and invite them to come on my show to discuss their unflattering dribble to my face, they retreat back under their rock, only to get back on their computers to continue the slander to the few, mindless sheep who will listen.

Further showing that there is essentially no difference at all between the comics and wrestling industries, Russo claimed that journalists were simply jealous of him because they haven't actually worked in wrestling like he has:

Real simple. I actually WAS an important part of the ACTUAL wrestling business—they've always wanted to be, but never have been. I've actually been there and done that—they never have. So you're clearly dealing with a tremendous amount of professional jealousy.

As for what he's up to now, the man who presided over the sleaziest, most sexually exploitive and violent era in WWE history, is just following God's plan:

Really trying to concentrate on how God wants me to use the gifts that He gave me to spread His word. At this point in my life, that is what's most important to me.

Head over to Wrestlezone to read the full interview, where Russo talks about his work in TNA, his thoughts on Lesnar/Goldberg, and a fan who apparently cut up video of Russo to take his statements out of context and make him seem to be saying more offensive things than he usually is willing to say on his own.

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