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Vince Russo Destroys the Set WITH AN AXE! (NWA-TNA PPV #26) | Classic IMPACT Wrestling Moments
Two of pro wrestlings biggest dirt sheet moguls formed an alliance of epic proportions Sunday, and they used their combined power to attack disgraced wrestling booker Vince Russo Big Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter and Bruce Mitchell of Pro Wrestling Torch tag-teamed Russo in a series of tweets blasting Russo's opinions and calling[...]
Fanboy Wrampage: Podcast One Drops Vince Russo Amidst Feud with Wrestling Journalists
Another day, another tumultuous upheaval in the ongoing storyline of former WWE Attitude Era lead writer Vince Russo When we last checked in with Russo, he had filed a restraining order against Jim Cornette for stalking after Cornette challenged Russo to a fight with a $5,000 prize More recently, Russo has been feuding with Pro Wrestling[...]
Bro, Vince Russo Thinks WWE Sucks Now Because of Backstage Politics, Bro
Former Attitude Era WWE writer and former WCW Champion Vince Russo appeared on the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling podcast, and he totally unleashed on today's WWE, where he claims that backstage politics have installed incompetent cronies in positions of power that would be filled based on merit in any real company. "Here is the[...]
Vince Russo Files Restraining Order Against Jim Cornette For Stalking
Former WWE Attitude era head writer Vince Russo has filed a restraining order against legendary wrestling curmudgeon Jim Cornette, according to Cornette's Twitter account: Golly, VOLDERMORT just filed a Emergency Protective Order on me I can't hang out with him anymore! — Jim Cornette (@TheJimCornette) June 22, 2017 In the document, Russo checks a box indicating the[...]
Bro! Could Vince Russo Be Heading For A WWE Comeback, Bro?
Could an important creative figure from WWE's popular Attitude Era be the answer? Vince Russo thinks so The former lead writer for WWE during one of its most successful periods, Russo told website Fightful that he contacted Vince McMahon and offered to help turn things around last week. I am still a wrestling fan at heart, going[...]
Breaking: "On A Pole" Match To Return To WWE At Extreme Rules When Bayley Takes On Alexa Bliss For Women's Championship
Past objects placed at the top of polls during classic pro wrestling matches include contracts, brass knuckles, steel chairs, and Judy Bagwell. Bleeding Cool commends WWE Hall-of-Famer, former world champion, and Olympic gold medalist Kurt Angle for having the courage to bring back the "…On A Pole Match," and we now await the new golden age of[...]
Meet The Next Musician Who May Take Over TNA Wrestling: Jeff Jarrett
Carter is widely known for blowing it every time TNA gained momentum due to her wrestling markdom, performing rookie mistakes like handing creative power to people like former WWE leader Eric Bischoff, original orange goblin Hulk Hogan, and, repeatedly for some reason, former WWE Attitude era writer bro Vince Russo Frustrated with all of this,[...]
Former WWE Head Writer Vince Russo Trashes Pro Wrestling Journalism
In another example of how the professional wresting industry is exactly like comics, former WWE writer Vince Russo has told off the wrestling press in a recent interview with Wrestlezone Russo, who was a big force behind WWE's late nineties "Attitude Era," but is today often used as the butt of a joke by "internet smarks"[...]