'Die Hard' IS a Christmas Movie Says LAPD, NYPD

Die Hard is the subject of an ongoing debate between pop culture enthusiasts alike whether if it's a Christmas movie. The LAPD and NYPD agree the film is.

The 1988 Bruce Willis action flick that made him a bonafide star hasn't been the center of controversy until the social media age. The film is about NYPD cop John McClane, who attempts to single-handedly thwart the efforts of German terrorist group led by Hans Gruber (Alan Rickman) holding his wife (Bonnie Bedelia) and her coworkers hostage in Los Angeles.

NYPD tweeted the following with their declaration of the film's status as #YesItsAChristmasMovie:

"On this Christmas Eve, we'd like to acknowledge our partners at @LAPDHQ who have been working with us to protect Christmas since Hans Gruber's 1988 attack on Nakatomi Plaza."

Whoever runs the NYPD's social media might want to check the spelling. The movie's been out for 30 years. It's the least you can do.

As a show of solidarity, LAPD responded in a show of solidarity ending with the same hashtag.

Taking advantage of the debate, 20th Century Fox recut Die Hard in a more traditional holiday format with Christmas music in the background.

Those who argue the film is a Christmas movie reason it takes place during Christmas and utilizes the holiday theme. Those against, myself included, argue that Christmas has little to no bearing on the plot whatsoever. Aside from McLane's first terrorist victim and the sweater, no other major character does anything specific for the holiday.

Willis came out on the side that Die Hard is not a Christmas movie during his Comedy Central roast in July.

His movie wife, Bonnie Bedelia disagrees talking to People.

"It's not your typical, sweet family Christmas movie but I think it's entered the Christmas classic category."

Is Die Hard a Christmas movie? Sound off in the comments.

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