Gal Gadot Wants Halle Berry For Love Interest In Wonder Woman 2

catwomanFollowing up on an earlier report that Wonder Woman actress Gal Gadot supports the character's bisexuality, even if it isn't explored in the upcoming movie, Gadot has chosen who she'd like to be Wonder Woman's first female love interest on screen: Halle Berry. As picked up by Batman-themed Batman news site Batman News, when asked if Wonder Woman might have a relationship with a woman in the sequel, Gadot reportedly replied (translated from Hebrew), "I saw her the other day, Halle Berry. She's so beautiful. Wow! She's gorgeous! So… yeah, I could do it with her." According to Batman News' Hebrew-speaking source, the comment wasn't made in jest, in case you were wondering. You can hear for yourself below.

Greg Rucka, writer of DC Comics' Wonder Woman series (now with 100% less Frank Cho) recently confirmed that Wonder Woman was bisexual in DC's canon, a major milestone as an official acknowledgement by a sitting Wonder Woman writer, though I'm contractually obligated to inform you that, as with everything else that's ever happened, you heard about that first here at Bleeding Cool. Halle Berry portrayed Catwoman in a standalone 2004 film not considered part of the current DC Cinematic universe continuity, but Catwoman in the comics has also been confirmed in canon to be bisexual. Perhaps Berry could reprise her role? Well, maybe that one is best forgotten.

Wonder Woman, directed by Patty Jenkins and starring Gal Gadot and Chris Pine, is set to hit theaters on June 2, 2017. In other news you can click on, Gal Gadot today announced she's pregnant!

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