Why Him? Gets Together Big Game Developers For A Genuinely Funny Promo

Game developers are often lost a little bit in the release of such big games. While writers, artists and directors in other mediums are often lauded alongside their work, to know about the personnel producing games can sometimes be pretty niche. That's why I love it when they get to come out and do something fun a lot of people will see.

Why Him? has done just that in a new video featuring actual game developers talking about a fake game, (that is now real, so a real fake game) called Ape Assassins. Its a game that was developed by James Franco's character in the film, and it has developers at Blizzard, 343 and Ubisoft talking up the importance of it.

There is even a funny joke about the reason why Blizzard cancelled the failed MMO Titan too. This is a fun bit of marketing.

Also, for an added fun time, go to the YouTube comments to see how many people don't know this is a fake game.

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