Giveaway: A Trilogy of Judd Apatow Films On Blu-Ray

How would you like to win a trilogy of Judd Apatow films to celebrate the release of The King Of Staten Island? All you need is a Twitter account. Inc are you weren't aware, The King Of Staten Island was officially released today for home video, and to help celebrate it, Universal Pictures has partnered with us to give away three Judd Apatow films. Along with the one previously mentioned, you also have a chance to win This Is 40 and The 40-Year-Old Virgin. What do you need to do to win these three films? In order for a chance to win, it just requires you to do two things on Twitter. All you have to do is follow our Twitter account and also retweet the social media post tied to this contest. You can't miss it as it will have the same image as the one here, and the hashtag #BCJuddTrilogy. You have until Monday, August 31st at 11am PDT to do so.

Giveaway: A Trilogy of Judd Apatow Films On Blu-Ray
Credit: Universal Pictures

That's all! Literally, we're only asking you to do two things that cost you zero money and little time on your part, and you could win a Blu-Ray copy of the all-three films. Now, as usual, before the complaints start coming into our comments section from people who don't have a Twitter account… it's 2020, Twitter is free to use. If you're reading this post, you have the capability of making a Twitter account. Emailing us or complaining in the comments that the contest is "selective" or "unfair" will not make you a winner. When we choose winners, we will be checking that you have both retweeted our post and that you're following Bleeding Cool's official Twitter account. Those who have not done so are not eligible to win, we do check the accounts AND content of those picked at random. Best of luck to those of you who enter!

This contest is limited to players in the United States. Winners will be chosen at random. Entry into the contest does not automatically guarantee you are a winner.

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