Guy Pearce On Being in the Alien Franchise: Cool Besides the Make-Up

Guy Pearce got to play a pretty iconic movie villain over 30 years after he was introduced. In Prometheus, he got to play Peter Weyland. Those familiar with their Alien mythology, you know that is a huge thing. While that first film was not as connected to the original films as some had wanted, the sequel Alien: Covenant was. Guy Pearce returned briefly in that film as well, but not with as much prosthetics and such since he was playing the younger version of the character. As he told GQ, there was a ton of challenges on that first appearance in Prometheus:

Guy Pearce On Being in the Alien Franchise: Cool Besides the Make-Up


It's very cool being a part of the alien world. It's also cool to get to play Peter Weyland – I mean the guy who kind of created it all. It wasn't so cool having to wear five hours of old age, prosthetic makeup. I would get up at 2 o'clock in the morning, I would be driven to work and I would start makeup at 3 in the morning and would start work at 8. They could film with me until 2 in the afternoon and then I was done.

I only did about 15 or 17 days or something on that. The tricky thing about that character was I had to wear a sort of metal exoskeleton as well, which meant I couldn't sit down properly… There was one day where I went in, did all the makeup, got to my room and they said, 'We're just running a bit behind this morning. We'll get to you.' I went, 'OK.' Well, an hour went by and another hour went by… at about 1 o'clock they went, 'So, it's up to you. You can probably take all this off or we might get to you.' By this point I'm atrophied to the spot. I don't think I filmed that day.

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