Hall Of Famers Stone Cold Steve Austin And Kurt Angle Make WWE Superstar Roman Reigns Look Strong


If you want to get by in the world of professional wrestling, there are only two rules you need to remember: don't work yourself into a shoot, brother, and always make Roman Reigns look strong. We're not sure about the first rule, but if the comments from these two blue chippers is any indication, they have promising careers ahead of them as comedy wrestlers in the WWE midcard.

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin was on Lillian Garcia's "Making Their Way To The Ring" show on Afterbuzz TV (that's the network that hosts X-Pac's show), and he had some wonderful praise for The Big Dog:

I think Roman Reigns is going to be a big star—he's a star right now, but he's going to be a big star if he just keeps going down the road that he's going and he's going to figure it all out he's not necessarily just a natural to the business, but he's very very good and he's only going to get better.

Give us a hell yeah!

Next up, WWE Raw general manager Kurt Angle held a fan Q&A on his Facebook page, where he too offered some praise for The Guy:

[Roman Reigns] has a huge future too. Roman has potential to be the face of WWE. Let's see how he pans out.

Oh, it's true! It's damn true!

Are you a current or former professional wrestler with positive things to say about Roman Reigns? If so, send them to us so we can make a "news" story out of them to feed the 24 hour dirt sheet cycle.

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