Third Happy Death Day Has A Working Title, Freaky In Same Universe

Happy Death Day three has a working title according to creator and director Christopher Landon. The Blumhouse Groundhog Day-style horror film grossed a ton of money, as did the sequel, although less than the first. Fans were confused by what was given to them in part 2, but it is starting to find an audience now. A third film has been teased before, and the director's next film, Freaky, has also been teased that it could take place in the same universe as Happy Death Day. In a new chat with Empire, he even reveals what the title would be. You can find out below.

Jessica Rothe in Happy Death Day 2 U. Credit Universal:Blumhouse
Jessica Rothe in Happy Death Day 2 U. Credit Universal: Blumhouse

Third Happy Death Day Could Still Work

"[Happy Death Day To Us] is definitely off to the side at the moment. I wish it wasn't, and I know that [Jason Blum, producer] is passionate about it, I know I'm very passionate about it, and I know that [Jessica Rothe is really eager to do it as well. I wrote the idea for the third movie some time ago. I think we're all excited by it, because it's different than the other two films, and so we're really just crossing our fingers and hoping that our fanbase continues to grow – which is something that I've really enjoyed watching over the years, seeing more and more people discover both films. So who knows. There might be a time when it makes sense, and hopefully, it's sooner rather than later."

Happy Death Day was a great horror film for one reason, and that is Jessica Rothe. The actress carried the film, and without her, it would not have been nearly as good as it was. The sequel Happy Death Day 2 U was pretty bad, but again, not because of Rothe. She is quite talented and is going to be a big star. It turns out though that no matter how big a star she becomes, she still hopes to film a third Happy Death Day film. If the star wants it, Jason Blum wants it, and Landon wants it, it is just a matter of time, really.

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