Home Sweet Home Alone Has Ruined Baby Powder for Rob Delaney

When it comes to the Home Alone series, the movies are known for the absolutely insane traps and tricks that the kids do to the adults. Since the first movie, it's been a staple of the series and is just as present in the new version, Home Sweet Home Alone, which is now streaming on Disney+. It's usually just one or two characters that are getting the brunt of the tricks and traps sprung on them, and during the virtual press conference, Rob Delaney and Ellie Kemper were asked about the stunts that they needed to perform during the movie.

" I mean, the stunts and the things that happen to our characters are truly horrible," Delaney said. "I mean, Max, by definition, what he does to us is torture. I mean, what he does to us is prohibited under the Geneva Convention. … So in terms of the film Home Alone, we really wanted to have that real danger be a part of what we were doing. And it was easy to do because you've got projectiles headed at your skull at hundreds of miles an hour falling from great heights, actual fire, and ice. So yeah, just making sure that the real peril was a part of this story was important to us."

Home Sweet Home Alone Has Ruined Baby Power for Rob Delaney
Ellie Kemper as Pam and Rob Delaney as Jeff in HOME SWEET HOME ALONE, exclusively on Disney+. Photo courtesy of Disney+. © 2021 20th Century Studios. All Rights Reserved.

Kemper went on to talk about one particular stunt in Home Sweet Home Alone that was particularly brutal for the two of them, and it involved what looked like flour to us but was actually baby powder.

"Do you remember the day the flour that's all over the floor when Max hits you with a flour sack was actually baby powder? Secrets revealed," Kemper revealed. "And the man who is administering the baby powder was, we loved him as a person, but our enemy professionally because he just kept adding gallons and gallons of baby powder to the day."

Apparently, Home Sweet Home Alone managed to ruin the smell of baby powder for Delaney because they had to keep doing the scene, and it was a lot to deal with.

"Anytime he approached with his baby powder sack-," Delaney said of the man who was in charge of the baby powder. "His tube," Kemper interjected. "We would look at each other and just growl," Delaney continued."I never want to smell it again. I can't be around babies anymore. If you're younger than three years old, stay away from me unless you're naturally filthy."

This isn't that uncommon of a thing when it comes to stunts. There have been plenty of stories from actors talking about something they needed to eat during a scene and how that food was just sort of ruined for them afterward because they had to do the take so many times. Turning someone off an entire smell is a new one, though. Home Sweet Home Alone is currently streaming on Disney+.

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