Hulu's Upcoming Hellraiser Reboot Expands Cast and Begins Filming

We're inching our way towards a puzzle box of terrors thanks to the Hellraiser reboot, so it's becoming harder to contain our anticipation as cast additions are announced and confirmation that filming is set to kick off this month!

The upcoming Hulu resurrection of Hellraiser is quite an exciting opportunity for horror fans and longtime Hellraiser devotees, marking the 11th installment of the franchise since its theatrical debut in 1987. The new film will be the first since the direct-to-DVD film Hellraiser: Judgement in 2018 and has officially begun shooting in Belgrade, Serbia. Dread Central exclusively reported the news, as well as the new cast additions that include Brandon Flynn and Drew Starkey – alongside a gender-swapped Pinhead played by Odessa A'zion.

The return to the Hellraiser and Pinhead lore will stem from filmmaker Clive Barker's original story "The Hellbound Heart" which additionally was an inspiration for Barker's first cinematic Hellraiser story over three decades ago. Barker, who hasn't participated in any of the various stories since the second film created the entire world of Hellraiser, so the notion of sticking to his first concept suggests real admiration for the horrors depicted in the late '80s.

Photo Credit: Dimension Films - Spyglass Media Group
Photo Credit: Dimension Films – Spyglass Media Group

In the original Hellraiser, the synopsis reads, "A woman discovers the newly resurrected, partially formed, body of her brother-in-law. She starts killing for him to revitalize his body so he can escape the demonic beings that are pursuing him after he escaped their sadistic underworld." The aforementioned demonic beings are known as Cenobites (extra-dimensional beings with an appreciation for bloodshed) that are also led by Pinhead, with the unforgettable scream queen Kirsty Cotton, played by Ashley Laurence being the focal point of the cinematic introduction of Hellraiser.

Aside from A'zion's role of Pinhead, it's not known what roles Flynn and Starkey will have, so there's a chance we could be seeing a variation to the family drama that introduces us to the Cenobites, or maybe we're getting new versions of Cenobites partners for Pinhead – anything seems possible!

Hellraiser will bring their bondage-hell to Hulu sometime in the near future, so keep up with us for more on the upcoming reboot!

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