Jeremy Renner Weighs In On The Bourne Legacy 2

Last week, The Bourne Legacy director Justin Lin didn't sound too optimistic about the film's planned sequel happening anytime soon, if at all. Now, in a new interview with Collider during the press rounds for his new film Wind River, Legacy star Jeremy Renner weighed in on the The Bourne Legacy 2 and whether or not the film is still happening:

Jeremy Renner Weighs In On The Bourne Legacy 2

"I mean, the willingness on my part is there cause that to me is where a movie … Like we were talking about the differences between a big movie and then like a small movie, as far as like maybe budget. Well, this is when that in shooting Bourne Legacy there's a lot of complexity in the character and it felt like shooting a small independent movie only because, not so much cause of the budget, just because there's a small team. It was like [DP Robert] Elswit and our director and the writer and we were all just there in the mountains doing this and doing that and a lot of action and a lot of fun things to do, but there's a communion and a heavily emotional investment into what we were doing."

Renner sounds like he'd be willing to take on the character of Aaron Cross again. However, he also understands that the audience has to want it too, no matter how much fun he might have personally had making the film:


"So, I really really enjoyed shooting that movie, and so my desire and will in wanting to do that is yes, but is has to be … an audience has to want that and the studio. There's a lot of other people. It's kind of outside my pay grade to make those decisions, but yeah I'd want to do that. It's interesting you mentioned sort of that mid budget film and it is sort of harder to keep finding those and the sort of way to get the collaboration of an indie with a slightly higher budget."

At the moment, there don't appear to be any plans to bring Aaron Cross or that corner of the Bourne universe back. That being said, Matt Damon also said he was done with the series and ended up coming back.

Wind River, directed by Taylor Sheridan, also stars Elizabeth Olsen, Jon Bernthal, Martin Sensmeier, and Julia Jones. It's out in limited release now.

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