Jerry "The King" Lawler Will Return To WWE TV On Smackdown Live This Week


Jerry "The King" Lawler was a staple of WWE television for decades, but a domestic violence dispute (the charges for which were later dropped) marked the beginning of the end of his regular on-screen role with the company. Lawler was removed from his Smackdown announcer spot after the incident, and though he made a short return, he was soon relegated to pre-show panels, and then removed from those as well, retaining just a "legend" deal with WWE, allowing them to use him for occasional appearances.

Though nostalgic fans may miss hearing the King's voice each week, it probably is best that his appearances remain limited. As players of WWE's 2k video game series know, Lawler's constant stream of sexist horn-dog comments about the company's female wrestlers are jarringly out of place in WWE's current landscape. Still, he's a wrestling living legend, and those are getting harder to come by these days, so it would be nice to see him on screen every once in a while, preferably in any role that doesn't involve him creepily lusting after female athletes.

Well, good news. It looks like one of those occasional appearances mentioned earlier will happen this Tuesday, as Lawler has announced he will bring back his King's Court in-ring interview segment on Smackdown Live this week as it airs from Lawler's home town of Memphis.

As WWE ramps up for Wrestlemania season, they'll likely want to use Lawler a little more often. Traditionally, Lawler, a WWE hall of famer himself, hosts the company's annual Hall of Fame induction ceremony. However, Memphis fans looking for a triumphant return for The King could be disappointed, as it's just as likely the appearance is a set up for a current heel wrestler – that's a bad guy – to attack Lawler and gain some heat from his hometown crowd.

Smackdown Live airs on Tuesday at 8PM on USA Network.

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