Jonathan Blow Says The Witness Is 10 Times Longer Than Braid

witness6It's been a while since we've heard about The Witness in any serious way. Creator of Braid Jonathan Blow's new game was shown during the PlayStation 4's announcement and most people assumed it would come, if not at launch, soon afterwards.

We are now over 14 months after launch and we've still not got it. That's fine, mind you. I want to play the game Blow wants to create. I'm just eager is all. He is supposedly in "finish-the-game mode" now, so here's hoping to seeing it soon.

Today we've been given a bit of an estimation of how long the game actually is though, at least if you knew everything going in and speed ran the game. Blow took to twitter to say:

That of course won't work out exactly accurate. Taking a stab in the dark, if you didn't know all the solutions to the puzzle game and took your time, I'd guess it's likely near the 15 hour mark. Maybe more, maybe less. That is a decent sized game and I'm excited to see what the developer does with the it.

Thanks to Polygon for the heads up.

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