The Bourne Legacy 2 Might Not Be Happening After All

Does anyone remember the Bourne movies? Not the one you're thinking of — the ones with Matt Damon and shaky cam so bad it was impossible to figure out where anyone was in a shot — but the other ones. Or the other "one" because there was only one.

Back in 2012, Damon didn't want to return to the Bourne series, so they brought on Jeremy Renner to do a spinoff series called The Bourne Legacy that didn't do very well at the box office or with critics. They brought on director Justin Lin to direct the sequel, because The Bourne Legacy ended on a cliffhanger, but there hasn't yet been any movement on the project.

Then Damon did decide to come back to the series with the utterly mediocre Jason Bourne, which wasn't any worse than Legacy, but made a lot more money. IGN recently caught up with Lin and asked him about the Legacy sequel project and whether it's still happening:

The Bourne Legacy 2 Might Not Be Happening After All

"I talk to Jeremy all the time and, technically, it's still in-development but look … Jeremy, I'm one of his biggest fans and I think I signed on because we'd been looking for stuff to work together and we still look for stuff to work together. It was just an opportunity at that time."

That doesn't sound promising at all, but it isn't that surprising, either. Legacy was an attempt to make lightning strike twice, and they just set up an whole new universe of Bourne movies with Damon was the lead. Why would they have two different series of movies going at the same time? From the sounds of it, signing Lin on was about as much development as the movie got even as far as production goes. But Lin still wants to work with Renner on something someday:

"It was actually getting to be really exciting, but I also realized that's a whole other franchise universe … and so to me my connection to it is through Jeremy and we're finding some really great things to hopefully work together on."

Sounds like those "great things" won't be The Bourne Legacy 2.

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