The Latest Word On The Wonder Woman Film (Spoilers)

wonderwA lot more information is coming out now about the Patty Jenkins led Wonder Woman film coming from Warner Bros. Here we're going to pull together some of that information in a roundup so you can get a better idea of what to expect from the film when it hits this June.

There will be spoilers… so you probably want to bail now if you don't like that kind of thing.






We know the film will start off in present day with Diana (Gal Gadot) working at the Louvre in Paris when she receives a package from Bruce Wayne. It's the photo from Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice from 100 years prior showing Wonder Woman, Steve Trevor and others. This kicks us into the flashback of her origin.

The origin is a coming of age story in a sense in that the Diana we get in the film is not the more mature, realistic one seen in BvS. This Diana is young, naive and just learning the world of man.

Ares and the Olympian gods exist in the DCEU. And the sword Diana carries is called God Killer and is somehow tied to Ares. The whole Amazonian race is tied to the God of War as well, because it was his jealousy of the attention that Zeus was paying to mankind that lead to Ares bringing war to man. To stop him, Zeus enlisted Aphrodite aid who creates the Amazons. So everything here seems to revolve around Ares who is expected to appear at some point in the film.

Diana is on a mission to confront and kill Ares. Confident that once she has succeeded, his influence over the Germans will subside and mankind will return to their more gentle nature.

The guys in the photo with Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) and Diana are Steve's spy team basically.There is Sameer (Saïd Taghmaoui) the master of disguise, Chief (Eugene Brave Rock) the opportunist who knows how to get people across the front lines, and Charlie (Ewen Bremner) the sharpshooter suffering from post-traumatic stress. There is a lot of distrust when they first come together.

Though the character was created during World War II, the producers decided to go with World War I as it was the first truly mechanized war and would make sense for Ares to be involved and for Diana to leave Themyscira to confront him. Plus, it allowed them to address gender equality and other social issues as a warrior raised with all women questions some of the restrictive thinking of the time and show how much and how little has changed. It doesn't come across like Diana has a feminist agenda, she's just confused and / or fascinated by the gender differences.

Trevor will be both the film's love interest and a teacher of sort, showing Diana the realities of mankind as opposed to her innocent beliefs having grown up not only far from the regular world, but on an island where she was the only child.

Don't expect to see… or rather not see… Look, the Invisible Jet is not in the film according to Jenkins.

The film will address how both Superman and Batman had not heard of Wonder Woman when they met her in BvS. But that doesn't mean that this film is the only adventure she had prior to her popping up in Metropolis. The producers are reserving the right to choose whether the next Wonder Woman film will take place in the current time or some where in the 100 years in between.

There are two scenes being talked about right now that some folks in the media got to see. The first is a scene on a boat with Steve and Diana and then her first arriving in London. This is where Steve learns of Diana's origin and her not having a father. A lot of question about men and women come up and we get the first glimpses of her trying to understand the differences between the world of man and Themyscira. It sounds like this scene has some pretty good humor but also hits on some social issues.

The second scene involves them being pinned down in a trench and trying to find a way around when Diana learns that the Germans are taking innocent people and making them slaves. This is where she climbs the ladder and starts moving forward. Deflecting bullets and mortars. Steve screams for her to come back, before he realizes that she is drawing all of the enemy fire. He then leads the men out of the trenches and into battle as well.

Both of these scenes are getting very positive responses.

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