Life Size Pac-Man Maze Constructed For SuperBowl Ad

Superbowl ads are famously one of the most expensive advertisers slots of the year, so huge companies come out swinging with their most outlandish adverts around the time. In a way, it sort of makes the Superbowl the Superbowl of commercials. Just a big mess of money thrown at TV screens to fight for consumers' attention.

We've now gotten a sneak peak at what Bud Light's entry this year is going to be and charmingly, it's decidedly gamey. This picture from Game Informer shows that the company have recreated a life size Pac-Man maze in LA's fashion district.

I'm hoping they push this thing out again come E3 time.

superbowl-610The Chicago Tribune say that the spot is called 'Coin' and it's part of the 'Up for Whatever' campaign. The ad will show a consumer getting a message in a bottle that will lead them to a big coin, and a big coin slot. This is when the life sized Pac-Man game will reveal.

It's cool to see a company go for some gamer nostalgia on such a big stage. I'd much rather see a life sized version of Super Mario's World 1-1 though. I'd be all about that.