Lili Reinhart Doesn't Have Time For Body Shamers, And Neither Should You


Lili Reinhart–Betty Cooper on the popular Riverdale–is one of my favorite up and coming celebrities. If you follow her on Twitter (and you should) she's engaging, charming, and seriously funny. She's also beautiful, which anyone can clearly see. But for a now deleted Twitter account under the name @50shadesdemi, she told the starlet "I just don't want your talent to be overshadowed by your weight." Reinhart replied via Twitter in a classy way, replying:

Reinhart even replied via Snapchat, as she was eating Taco Bell:

"So today, I was basically fat shamed on Twitter, that's what it's called. And my response is basically, don't let anyone tell you what you can or can't f—— eat. And also, kiss my a– because I love my Taco Bell, bitch,"

People have been showing Reinhart nothing but love since then, with some wonderful Tweets:

Body shaming, no matter how it's done, is wrong. But watching Reinhart stick up for herself to call this BS out was absolutely stunning!


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