Look! It Moves! by Adi Tantimedh: Richard Stanley And I Adapt THE GREAT GOD PAN – Part Two

Look! It Moves! by Adi Tantimedh: Richard Stanley And I Adapt THE GREAT GOD PAN – Part TwoI'm travelling, so in lieu of a regular column, I'm going to run something different.

Below is the treatment for a movie adaptation of Arthur Machen's late 19th Century horror novel THE GREAT GOD PAN. It'll be run in three parts over the next weeks while I'm on the road.

The original intro and outline were originally posted on BETWEEN DEATH AND THE DEVIL, the unofficial Richard Stanley website.


Jaded Photojournalist meets troubled model Miranda Quill, who has a history of abuse and is being stalked by men trying to abduct her. Ever the knight in shining armour, Richard decides to help her. As he looks into her life, he discovers a string of abusive boyfriends who ended up dead and her stalkers may be linked to her past. She doesn't know who her father is when her mother took part in a ritual and orgy during the Summer of Love. Richard and Miranda are attacked again and she vanishes…


Miranda wanders city in shock. Men hassle and proposition her. Without make-up, people don't quite recognise her as the big supermodel. She can't remember who she is or where she lives. Blood stains on her Donna Karan outfit. Christian nutters following her, but she's too freaked to notice. She's broke, has to beg for money. Going through drug withdrawal.

Robert searches city for Miranda.

Men offer Miranda money for sex. A john takes her to a hotel. Christian nutters follow them, break down the door, try to kill her with knives. BUT – the spilling of her blood awakens something primal in her. She goes berserk, massacres Christian nutters. She regains her senses, freaks out. Pagans find her. Take her away.

Robert and her agency find her. She's safe, says she doesn't remember anything of the last few days. She apologises for wigging out, but she's fine now. Agency relieved, since they have several big jobs lined up, including a Benefit Fashion event for the Environment. Robert finds she's changed, sober, something different, but he can't figure out what. She starts to sleep with him. He is now obsessively in love.

Miranda on her new assignments. Very professional. Glamour, picture of desire. Now you see why she's so big. Christians still stalking her. Pagans are watching her. Robert still worried.

Miranda goes off to weekend party in the country. An estate. Will be full of drink, drugs, sleazy people, sex, orgies, the usual. Robert doesn't want her to go, but she says she has to.

Robert gets a call from weird, fucked-up guy. Ex-boyfriend of Miranda's. Guy's shit-scared. Robert writes him off. Guy pulls a gun.

Kidnaps Robert, forces him to listen.

Miranda's father is the pagan god Pan. She is like his avatar on Earth now. A reverse-Christ. Her father was there before Christ, is much more scary than Christians.


Hippy chick at beginning is Miranda's mother, she had sex with the pagan god Pan.

Pure terror in pagan agenda. They have plans for her. She killed some of her sleazy boyfriends! Robert refuses to believe it. Guy tells him Christians and Pagans still after her. Weird shit coming. Robert wants to save her. Struggle with ex-boyfriend, accidentally kills him.

Country party in full swing. Miranda goes through the motions.

Robert gets mercenary gun-nut friend SKEEV to help him rescue Miranda. They set out.

Pagans invade country party. Manson-style massacre. Pagans and Christians shoot it out. Loads of blood and ultraviolence. Robert and Skeev arrive, big shoot-out, rescue Miranda, kill a bunch of pagans and Christians.

Robert and Miranda in hiding with Skeev. They make love. Miranda reveals to Robert she now knows what her purpose is. The pagans had been protecting her from the Christias!


After Miranda killed the Christians in the hotel, the pagans took her away and tell her the truth of her birth and her existence.

Miranda is the avatar of Pan, who works with Gaia the Earth Goddess, she is to herald the New Age, to wipe out the human race and let Mother Nature start over. A blood sacrifice at the solstice to get things going.

Robert thinks she's just in shock. She tells Robert she loves him, but she has to fulfill her mission. There's a storm. Robert and Skeev lose her in the storm.

To be concluded

Outline © Richard Stanley and Adisakdi Tantimedh

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