Lucy Liu's Coffee Habits Spark Investigation Into Possible Luke Cage Season 2 Involvement


Loose lips, the saying goes, sink ships. But rather than sinking ships, when those loose lips belong to Elementary star Lucy Liu, and when they're used not for spilling secrets but for sipping coffee, they can float rumors of Liu's involvement in the second season of Marvel's Luke Cage instead, setting media sleuths on the trail of unravelling a mystery that will require all of their deductive skills!

Making the rounds in the entertainment media on this slow news Sunday, Liu has been spotted on the Instagram page of the Harlem Coffee Co. twice in the last two weeks, sparking speculation as to what the star might be doing so close to where Marvel is filming Luke Cage. The first photo appeared on June 1, showing Liu on the premises:

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Innocent enough! Perhaps Liu simply enjoys the shop's caffeinated beverages. However, the plot thickened when the coffee shop posted the following photo yesterday:

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Now that Liu has been spotted twice in the neighborhood, and the second time with Luke Cage's Mike Colter, it has to be considered more than coincidence. Likewise, subtle clues in the Instagram message suggests that Liu might have had business in the area, and that business is now concluded. So what is she up to? Joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe as a new character, to debut on the second season of the hit Netflix show? Or perhaps she's there to direct an episode? Or is her CBS show Elementary set to crossover with the Marvel universe, with Liu and co-star Jonny Lee Miller set to join Season 2 of the Defenders as new team members?

The possibilities are limitless, which means it's elementary, dear Watson, to deduce that the possibilities to create clickbait articles about it before the truth is finally laid bare are limitless as well! Stay tuned…

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