Michael Eisner, Former Disney CEO, Criticizes 'Rise of Skywalker', Daisy Ridley

Michael Eisner, former CEO of the Walt Disney Company, took to Twitter to complain about Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker the other day. Why not, everyone else seems to be doing these days. In the Twitter thread, he not only claims that the film as "emotionless", but that Rey actress Daisy Ridley also lacked emotion in her performance.



While many share his opinion of the film, it is still hilarious to see him dig he successor Robert Iger and then praise him in the same tweet. There are many in the Star Wars fandom who would probably claim that The Mandalorian is superior to Rise of Skywalker, although that doesn't seem fair to me. They were inevitably going to be compared to each other due to the release schedule. Also, even though he walked it back, Daisy Ridley showed plenty of emotion across all three films in the latest Star Wars trilogy, and to imply anything else is not cool.

Michael Eisner, Former Disney CEO, Criticizes 'Rise of Skywalker', Daisy Ridley

Michael Eisner was CEO of Disney from 1984-2005. His tenure had huge ups and downs to say the least. His time saw huge success in box office reviving the animation department with hits like Aladdin, The Lion King, and others. He was forced to resign after making some truly terrible decisions in the Parks, including the opening of Disney World Paris and California Adventure in Disney Land in California. Since taking over as CEO, Robert Iger has taken the company to new heights, leading to record box office, parks attendance, and making Disney into the powerhouse it has become. He even oversaw the refocusing of the Paris and California Adventure parks, turning them into successes.

If you haven't already, watch the great series Defunctland on You Tube for more about the failures of Disney Land Paris and California Adventure, along with some other questionable calls made by Michael Eisner.


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