Michael Giacchino Only Had 4 And A Half Weeks To Do The Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Soundtrack


Word of a troubled production has plagued Rogue One for a while. I personally am supposing that a little too much was made of the reshoots that happened earlier this year though, as they are a normal part of blockbuster filmmaking today (not to say that they weren't substantial, mind!).

However, what really must have been a bit of a nightmare was Michael Giacchino's time scoring the film. Alexander Desplat was meant to be writing the music for the film, but thanks to the reshoots, he had to drop out due to scheduling conflicts supposedly. That is when Giacchino stepped in, and he had to get to work fast.

Speaking to EW, he explained he only had about 4 and a half weeks to write all the music for the film, saying:

Literally the last thing I expected I'd be doing this month would be this. I mean we were literally planning a vacation when I got the call asking if I could come and talk to them about it. At the time, it left me with literally four and a half weeks to write.

He added:

You work with the time you have. And I'm not a person that has a bunch of other composers working for me, so it's just me sitting up here in this room doing it. But I'm pretty good at focusing and getting down to business. I saw the film and I really, really, really enjoyed it, so there was no lack of ideas or inspiration, that's for sure. The only worry the whole time for me was just the schedule. But I mapped it out and I thought, okay, if I do this much a day and I get this done that will leave me time to go back and improve if I need to before having to orchestrate.

This means that the first major Star Wars film not scored by John Williams, is going to be a bit of a rush job. I don't think this means the music will be bad though. Star Wars is an established sound, and Giacchino is such a talented composer. Also, as anyone who has ever had a crazy deadline over their head might know, pressure can make some real magic sometimes. I'm hoping so!