Mike Mignola Will Have Minimal Direct Involvement In The Hellboy Reboot

The upcoming Hellboy reboot has been a contentious topic since it was announced, and it will likely stay that way until we see the finished product. The movie is in pre-production now and filming is rumored to start next month. Original Hellboy creator Mike Mignola said in a new interview with The Verge that while he was heavily involved in pre-production now he's taken a step back:

"I'm a weird kind of co-executive producer. I'm not actually sure what my title is, but unlike the del Toro movies, where I was active in pre-production and design, I'm not doing that this time around. When the decision was made to do another movie, I got involved, basically saying, 'If you're going to do that story, don't do this, or that, change this, and that.' I helped to steer it. Christopher Golden and I did write a couple of drafts of the screenplay and got it on track, and then the decision was made to do a reboot. I really just get questions about how things work, and while I'm not doing a lot, I've been talking with the creature-design guy and the makeup guy to get the look of Hellboy and his hand, and things like that."

It sounds like Mignola is willing to let his director Neil Marshall make his version of the movie without trying to backseat drive the production. It's probably the best way to go about a reboot like this; one that is already going to leave so many fans divided. Marshall has a unique vision when it comes to his movies, and it's probably best if he's left to execute that vision. We'll probably get a better movie that way.

Hellboy (formerly Hellboy: Rise of the Blood Queen) will star David Harbor and Ian McShane. It currently has a 2018 release date.

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