Mindhunter Season 2: The Scripts Are Being Worked On

In some contradictory information Netflix's fantastic Mindhunter might not be officially renewed but as far as everyone is concerned it sounds like it is happening. Holt McCallany recently spoke to Collider and said that he is in the middle of prep for the second season of the Netflix show.


"Right now I'm prepping for Mindhunter Season 2, reading, doing lots of research. The scripts are great and I think fans will be happy with how it's developing. To potentially work with someone like David [Fincher] over the course of multiple seasons is an honor, and I'm excited to do more with the character of Bill Tench. I can take my time, and I can really explore this guy over a long period of time. I think it's gonna be just an amazing adventure."

At the moment we know that second season of the show is going to focus on the Atlanta Child Murders. Mindhunter is shaping up to be one of the best new shows of 2017 and fans are anxiously awaiting a second season.

Summary: In the late 1970s, two FBI agents expand criminal science by delving into the psychology of murder and getting uneasily close to all-too-real monsters.

Mindhunter, created by Joe Penhall, stars Jonathan Groff, Holt McCallany, Hannah Gross, Anna Torv, Sonny Valicenti, and Cotter Smith. Check it out on Netflix now.

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