Nerd Food: Guardians Of The Galaxy Gamora's Wild Berry Skittles Pack A Punch

Man, isn't Gamora a badass? She can kick ass across any galaxy and is a vital asset to her team, and is just all around awesome. So while at a pin-up photo shoot Saturday, my friend had these laying out. Since I love candy and Gamora, I just had to try Gamora's Wild Berry Skittles. I've never had Wild Berry Skittles, but as you've all picked up on, I will eat anything if a comic character is endorsing it. I eat like a child, I know. These are pretty good. I'd totally buy a bag, regardless of who's on it or not. But for now I'm enjoying the hell out of all these merchandise tie-ins. You can find Gamora Skittles pretty much wherever candy is sold.

Gamora's Wild Berry Skittles


Editor's note: The incredibly insightful Candy Heroes tells us everything we need to know about Wild Berry Skittles:

The Wild Berry variety of Skittles was released in the USA in 1989, 10 years after the introduction of the originals. Unlike many other Mars products, Skittles are actually a fairly recent invention too – they were created in Britain in 1974. Before this year everyone was living in a Skittle-less world.. the poor souls!

Anyway, you're probably wondering what's in them, so – the Wild Berry Skittles contains the following 5 flavours: Berry Punch (purple), Melon Berry (green), Wild Cherry (red), Raspberry (blue), Strawberry (pink)

Well, almost everything. The pop culture historian is curious about that Britain in 1974 part.  But… everywhere on the internet — even Wikipedia! — leaves it at "A British Company".  Not good enough internet, not good enough at all.  A glance at the original Skittles commercial reveals a tiny "1974 Jack Candies Ltd" at the end.  This would be Jack Candies Ltd, a division of Mars, Inc.  Now you know.

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