Nerd Food: Spider-Man Cups Now Available At Local Theaters

By now, I'm sure the bulk of you have seen Spider-Man: Homecoming. I enjoyed the hell out of the movie, although I'm still partial to the first two Spider-Man movies and I pretend the Amazing ones didn't happen. Anyway! There's a lot of awesome movie tie ins for SMH currently, and one of them you can pick up at your local theater.

spider-man Nerd Food: Spider-Man Cups Now Available At Local Theaters

For $6 (and a free refill) you can own this pretty awesome collector's cup. You can also get a popcorn bucket of Spider-Man's head, but my theater was sold out of those. Which is a shame, because I really wanted Spider-Man's head mounted on my wall. Oh well.

These promotional cups aren't a bad deal, if you're in the mood for spending $6 on essentially two large drinks.

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