Nightwing Director Assures That The Movie Will Be Different From All Other Gotham Media

Justice League is looking like it's not going have a good weekend, and it feels like the future of the DCEU might be up in the air — but director of the upcoming Nightwing film Chris McKay has been vocal on Twitter, talking up the new project. First, he says casting will be open, but those who are interested should make sure that they have an agent.

So a fan jumped in and decided to give McKay some crap for his version of Robin in The LEGO Batman Movie — as if they were two things that were, in any way, relevant. McKay replied that he should be assured that his version of Nightwing will be different from other Gotham-based properties.

The Nightwing movie is one of many that is currently in flux. It doesn't have a release date and the future of the DCEU is currently unknown. But McKay has hinted that he would like to start production within the next year, so we'll have to see what ends up happening and what kind of fallout comes from Justice League.

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