'Just One of the Guys' Hits Blu-ray For Its 35th Anniversary

Just One of the Guys, an 80's classic, is coming to Blu-ray to celebrate its 35th anniversary on April 28th. The disc will include. new audio commentary with film's stars Lisa Gottlieb, Arye Gross, Joyce Hyser, Clayton Rohner, Toni Hudson, and John Apicella. Too bad they couldn't get William Zabka. While I was only a year old when this came out, I remember watching it a ton on cable when I was a kid. This is 80's comedy at its finest, and I did not expect this one to ever be on Blu-ray. Wild. Check out the cover and the trailer for the film below.

Just One of the Guys Blu-ray

Terri (Joyce Hyser, TV's "L.A. Law") blames sexism when her journalism teacher refuses to enter her article in a competition to win a summer internship at the local newspaper. With the help of her kid brother, Buddy (Billy Jacoby), she masquerades as a guy at a rival school and enters the contest there. During her charade, "Terry the Boy" tangles with a vicious bully, Greg (William Zabka, The Karate Kid), and fends off an amorous classmate, Sandy (Sherilyn Fenn, TV's "Twin Peaks"). But when she falls for a handsome loner, Rick (Clayton Rohner, TV's "Murder One"), our hero/heroine must find a way to convince him that she's not JUST ONE OF THE GUYS.

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