WWE & Puma Launch $500 Limited Edition Money In The Bank Shoes


Are you a pro wrestling fan with way too much disposable income and way too little taste? If so, then we've got the story for you!

WWE and Puma have partnered up to produce a limited edition line of WWE sneakers commemorating this Sunday's Money in the Bank PPV. The gold shoes are adorned with dollar signs and a Million Dollar Championship lace decoration and hundred dollar bill insoles, and appear to come in a replica Money in the Bank briefcase instead of a shoe box.


The shoes will retail for $500, and are available only in select Foot Locker stores on Saturday, so you'll have to use Foot Locker's product launch locator to find a pair of Money in the Bank PUMA x Clydes. Then, you just camp out outside your local Foot Locker (or one 500 miles away, depending on where you live), purchase the sneakers, and you'll be stylin' and profilin'. Right, guys?


Well, who cares what they think?! Sure, walking around in shoes this ugly might get you Roman Reigns levels of heat, but nobody will be laughing when you cash in your opportunity for a WWE Championship title match!

Wait, what? The shoes don't come with one of those? And they still cost five hundred bucks?!

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