Resident Evil Star Addresses Any Chance of a Sequel

When it came to the cinematic live-action relaunch of the video game turned movie franchise Resident Evil, the idea was largely divisive with fans. On the one hand, a large audience didn't connect with the first film saga hoping for a revamped version – and on the other, people felt like the franchise wasn't ready to return so soon. Going into its announcement alone with that mixed reception, the film was challenged to really shake things up with fans; however, the necessary reboot just barely managed to break even on a substantial budget of $25 million (excluding marketing expenses.)

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With plans to expand the franchise upon conception, the fate of the new Resident Evil became pretty ambitious, with many assuming the worst. However, one of the film's stars recently suggested there's reason to keep hope alive! When speaking to Screen Rant while promoting The Umbrella Academy season 3, Albert Wesker actor Tom Hopper discussed its successes with the studio, explaining, "What I know is it was very successful in terms of on-demand [with both sales and rentals], a lot of people sat at home and watched it, so I think they're very happy over at Constantin and Sony, with all the guys who run that show."

Hopper then goes on to divulge to the publication, "I certainly hope to go back and play Albert Wesker again [in a possible Resident Evil sequel]. It ended in a way that I was like, 'Oh, I can get used to this guy.' Also, too, where he's going, I think he can be very interesting, so I certainly hope so."

Knowing that there's still interest from the creative team that brought the film to life, the actors portraying the characters, and (potentially) the studio, do you think that Sony could be interested in giving the horror movie a chance at a sequel?

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