#RIPEcto: Ecto Cooler Revival To End With 2016

Ecto Cooler was a citrus-themed Hi-C "juice" drink launched as a promotion for The Real Ghostbusters cartoon in 1987, but whose popularity outlived the franchise by more than two decades, continuing production until 2001 before being renamed "Shoutin' Orange Tangerine," which Ecto Cooler aficionados continued to seek out until it was once again renamed "Crazy Citrus Cooler" in 2006 and then retired completely in 2007. For lovers of the sugary, neon green beverage, it was a devastating loss, one which left a Slimer-shaped hole in the hearts of our childhoods.

That is, until 2016, when the Ghostbusters reboot heralded a limited return of the delicious nectar, now in both juice box and soda can form. It was a glorious return to form for Coca-Cola owned Hi-C, prompting a wave of demand unseen since DC Comics shorted retailers on 3D Nu-52 Villains' Month covers. Like those ill-fated lenticular comics, Ecto Cooler wasn't easy to come by. I actually personally had to abuse the power of my previous job at The Outhousers by using the site's twitter account to harass local grocery chain Giant Eagle for several weeks on Twitter until they agreed to personally alert me to in-stock Ecto Cooler in my area. Once it arrived at my local store, I immediately purchased their entire stock, consisting of 40 ten-packs, or 400 individual juice boxes, which I promptly hoarded in my basement, along with any stragglers I managed to pick up in the normal course of shopping and as many cases of cans I was able to obtain from Amazon Pantry whenever their order limits reset.

You know. A completely reasonable, not at all insane reaction to the relaunch of a beloved (10%) juice drink.

ectocoolerripSadly, the Ecto Renaissance is drawing to its inevitable conclusion. According to the official Facebook page, Ecto Cooler will be laid to rest at the end of 2016. "My eyes are welling up with green tears as I write this," the Ecto Cooler social media team wrote on Facebook, "#EctoCooler will be laid to rest at the end of this year ???? #RIPEcto." 2016 was a rough year for loss, but this one may hit the hardest, folks.

Still, there's time to "stock up" on Ecto Cooler, as the Facebook page urges, before it's too late. I know that I could use another couple hundred juice boxes to quench my thirst until I ultimately die of sugar-related illness. Check your local grocery store, or head to the official Ecto Cooler website to see where you can find it or order online.

For DIY-ers, even the prospect of recreating the drink with the cobbled-together pieces of other beverages is bleak. Key ingredients such as the now-discontinued Kool-Aid Mandarino Tangerine flavor are rare, due to what I can only assume is a worldwide artificial tangerine flavor shortage, and the Flavor Aid equivalent is nowhere to be found at all.

Once Ecto Cooler is gone, this time, it may be gone for good. Well, unless Paul Feig gets a phone call from Sony

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